From 5-7 November the  MentorTrain Consortium met in Maribor, Slovenia for its third transnational partners’ meeting.

In addition to the administrative issues of the project, the meeting programme included the shooting of about 20 professional videos as part of Intellectual Output 2 “Online Training on Mentorship of Apprentices in PHE”.

Lead by CASPHE and with technical support of JSI, the training videos are to serve as a guide for mentors of apprentices in companies. The videos follow step by step the progress of mentors, students and educational institutions which should lead to a successful apprenticeship, not only for the student but also for the hosting company.

After the technical processing, the videos will be subtitled into all languages of the project, provided with explanatory presentations and subsequently published on this website as part of of a comprehensible set of resources for mentors in the second half of 2020. The videos can also be found at