The MentorTrain Consortium held its second transnational partners’ meeting in Prague, on June 18-19, 2019, on a venue with a beautiful view over the city.

In this meeting, the research team closed Intellectual Outupt 1 “Curriculum for Mentorship within Apprenticeships in Professional Higher Education” under the leadership of Don Bosco;  and kicked-off Intellectual Output 2 “Online Training on Mentorship of Apprentices in PHE” which will be lead by CASPHE, with the support of JSI, who briefed the partners on the basics for the recordings envisioned for this output and planned to happen in November 2019.

Apart from research work, the consortium also discussed administrative issues; quality management tasks and the best approach to them; and held a first brainstorm on dissemination, identifying what is worth disseminating (instances), to whom (targets) and how (channels) in order for the partners to have a clear idea on how to plan their dissemination activities across the project.