Facilitate the first steps in the job post



In this section mentors in the host organisations will find out how to get the apprentices involved in the work processes and business culture as quickly and as successfully as possible. As a mentor you should endeavour to facilitate the first steps of an apprentice at the workplace and in the video we will look into what are the most important tasks for you as the mentor in this initial phase.

But please, don’t rush, since at the beginning it is crucial to establish trust between you and your apprentice to ensure successful long-term results for both of you. Once you have gained the apprentice’s trust and self-confidence, you can involve them more and more into your team.



This video describes the first steps of the apprentice in the job and the facilitating role of the mentor in this:


Mentortrain video 4.1  (duration: 3:45)


  • Prepare a welcome package for the apprentice including all necessary info about the host organisation.
  • Prepare a review of quality standards and policy of the host organisation for the student.
  • Think of approaches to involve staff and the apprentice working together.
  • Prepare a plan of activities to be carried out by the apprentice and review those with the apprentice.

Additional Resources

  1. The SAPS project developed a guide on how to set up and launch an Apprenticeship Scheme: https://learntowork.eu/easy-apprenticeships-1/
  2. The SAPS project also developed a specific publication on Onboarding Apprentices to a company: https://learntowork.eu/easy-apprenticeships-3/