Assign the tasks related to the learning outcomes following the PBL methodology



After the first days it is time to familiarize your apprentice with more detailed specific work assignments while still offering them help and professional advice. When assigning the tasks to the apprentice, relate them to the learning outcomes, following the Problem-Based Learning methodology. Follow the detailed training plan that you have prepared before the apprenticeship and try to achieve defined goals.

As will be further explained under To Watch, one of a mentor’s major roles is to become a great observer and this can help the business grow and develop. A successful and well managed apprenticeship means a WIN-WIN situation for both – for the apprentice and the mentor and his company.



This video clarifies the process of assigning tasks to the apprentice in line with the learning outcomes:


Mentortrain video 4.2  (duration: 5:20)


  • Prepare a list of selected tasks based on the Learning Outcomes and the training plan.
  • Match appropriate tasks according to the apprentice’s skills and competences.
  • Evaluate selected activities.
  • Prepare a plan highlighting steps to be taken prior to the monitoring phase.
  • Prepare a plan presenting and explaining the monitoring procedure and process to the apprentice.
  • Think of 2 staff members that can be involved in the monitoring process to guarantee objectivity.
  • Suggest a procedure in case the student was unfairly assessed.

Additional Resources

  1. The SAPS project has developed a guide on effective mentoring of apprentices, which can be found here:
  2. If you want to read more about the concept of Problem-Based Learning, this YouTube video will be useful: