Prepare the company for the apprenticeship



In this section, mentors will learn the importance of preparing in advance, the company’s infrastructure including  the workspace for the apprentice and how  it can be turned into a learning space. 

Mentors will discover that the new apprentice should be provided with the necessary tools and equipment and / or a locker and a locker-room.

It also highlights the importance of taking into account that the employers have a duty to adjust the space for apprentices with special needs and make the necessary ergonomics, architectural or work adaptations for the correct induction of the apprentice.



This video explains how to prepare the company for the apprenticeship:


Mentortrain video 2.1  (duration: 4:05)


Answer the following questions:

  • Have you agreed with the education centre on the activities to be performed by the apprentice?
  • Have you informed other workmates about the incoming of the apprentice?
  • Have you prepared the workspace for the apprentice?
  • Have you prepared the necessary tools and equipment for the apprentice?
  • Does the apprentice have access to a computer?
  • Have you assigned a locker for the apprentice?
  • Have you checked if the apprentice has special needs?
  • If the previous answer is yes, have you adapted the work environment for the apprentice?

Additional Resources

  1. More information about ergonomics and workplace adaptation to people with disabilities can be found here:
  2. You can see more on inclusive apprenticeships in this YouTube video: