MentorTrain Handbook: Course Guide for Mentors

Apprenticeships enhance the quality of the student learning experience, decrease a graduate’s skills mismatch and increase their employability. Quality apprenticeships depend substantially on mentorship competence and although most mentors at SMEs are highly skilled in their technical area, they generally lack the necessary pedagogy to be able to transfer these skills to apprentices.

The MentorTrain handbook aims to create a simple, concise and practical guide for mentors, particularly focusing on experienced workers from SMEs who may not necessarily have relevant mentoring experience but are working with students/apprentices from professional higher educational institutions (PHEIs) at EQF levels 5-7.

Unit by unit the reader of the Mentor Train course will easily discover all the different aspects that should be mastered to be a good mentor, including: preliminary steps to host an apprentice; required forms and documentation; mentoring skills and competences to be developed; planning of the apprenticeship; and feedback, assessment and certification tools.

This handbook is also the basis for the Online Course

Download the Handbook here in English, Spanish, Basque, Czech, Estonian or Slovenian: