Joint check the apprentice´s evolution process with the VET supervisor



In preparation for welcoming an apprentice to your company, it is essential that  a mentor knows the rules and regulations around the apprenticeship.  This video therefore explains further why it is important to know about both national legislation and regulations around mentorships as well as rules and guidelines from the sending institution. It especially shows what could be the most important points to look for in these requirements for mentorships.


In this video the process of evaluation and assessment of the apprentice’s learning is explained:

Mentortrain video 5.2  (duration: 2:52)


  • Discuss and agree with the apprentice’s supervisor how the evaluation and assessment of the apprentice’s learning journey is going to be done .
  • Clarify what task and responsibility you have in this and what is the role of the supervisor)

Additional Resources

More information about an ongoing evaluation & assessment process can be found here: