Review the apprenticeship characteristics and goals with the apprentice



As a mentor, you are expected to review the apprenticeship characteristics and goals with the apprentice. You and the apprentice can then both clarify your expectations and discuss the educational goals of the apprenticeship as these have been set by the educational centre. You should also discuss the apprentice’s workplace expectations with regard to their stay in your company – with an emphasis on respect for clients, and that the apprentice is expected to be independent and responsible in fulfilling the assigned tasks. The mentor can at this point also ask the apprentice about their previous relevant experiences, ascertain what the apprentice perceives as risks, what uncertainties they have, and explain how to overcome these in the workplace.

Regarding the educational objectives of the apprenticeship, the apprentice should acquaint the mentor with the relevant forms and content of the goals that have been consulted with the educational centre. The process of setting these goals should however always be a tripartite process in which the mentor provides the apprentice with feedback on the content of the initial goals, give guidance on how to achieve these goals during the apprenticeship, where to look for the necessary resources and evidence to fulfil them. At the same time, the apprentice should discuss the suitability of the set goals and if these are achievable in the workplace, possibly looking for a way to reformulate or completely change the goals. Once established, the mentor and the apprentice then work with the agreed goals throughout the apprenticeship.


This video addresses the process of reviewing the characteristics and goals of the apprenticeship by the mentor together with the apprentice:

Mentortrain video 3.2  (duration: 4:04)


  • Prepare a list of the goals and learning objectives you would expect from the apprenticeship and prepare how you would explain and discuss these with your apprentice.

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