Support the development of the pre-training activities



This section deals with the information the apprentice should receive about health and safety, quality standards, recycling and the company’s environmental policy before starting the apprenticeship period.

The apprentice should be informed, trained and provided with the necessary personal protective equipment, with the necessary certification for special activities, if applicable, and they should learn the company’s policy on environmental matters – including recycling, waste managing and green competences.



This video explains how to support the development of the pre-training activities:


Mentortrain video 2.2  (duration: 3:51)


Answer the following questions:

  • Have you checked the health and safety policy of the company in reference to the apprenticeship?
  • Have you prepared the personal protective equipment, signals and posters related to health and safety?
  • Have you prepared any activity for the apprentice to be informed about the recycling and waste management policy?
  • Have you identified hazards associated with the apprenticeship?
  • Have you identified the skills and knowledge, including any licensing and certification requirements, that apprentices need?
  • Have you clarified who will provide any equipment, including personal protective equipment?
  • Have you introduced the apprentice to health and safety representatives?
  • Have you verified that the apprentice understands the health & safety requirements?

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