TTK University of Applied Sciences

Who are we?

TTK University of Applied Sciences (TTK UAS) is the largest university of applied sciences in Estonia, offering competitive professional higher education in the field of engineering. TTK UAS is a state professional higher education institution, currently educating 2300 students.

The focus of the teaching, research and development activities of TTK UAS staff is to meet the needs of the Estonian labour market and enterprises. TTK UAS offers 16 study programmes of 3.5 to 4-year professional higher education study programmes (210 – 240 ECTS) for daily and distance learners.

With its excellent expertise in engineering TTK UAS has vast experience of managing and participating in EU co-financed and other international and regional projects.

Why we are Participating in the Project

TTK University of Applied Sciences is highly interested to participate in the project as it enables to improve the quality of the practical training we offer for our students. In TTK UAS curriculum includes 15% of practical training.

Our Role in the Project

TTK University of Applied Sciences participates in content development of the project with our extensive experience of practical training.  TTK UAS has numerous cooperation partners among work placement companies. TTK University of Applied Sciences also represents UAS institutions of Estonia.

Our Team

Anne Kraav

Anne Kraav

Vice Rector for Development

Anne Kraav is also an Associated Professor of Civil Engineering. Anne Kraav is coordinating applied research activities of TTK UAS. She is a member of Estonian Universities of Applied Sciences R&D working group. Anne Kraav is a member of various Estonian professional associations, EURASHE Council, and board member of UASnet.

Erki Lember

Erki Lember

Lecturer and director of Institute for Circular Economy and Technology

Erki Lember is coordinating the Institute of Circular Economy and Technology daily life and is teaching Water and Wastewater Treatment. In addition, he is leading expert in two Interreg projects Best and CWPharma.