Onboard the apprentice into the work placement



This section looks into the induction process of the apprentice into the workplace. Onboarding the apprentice into the work placement first of all means giving the apprentice a guided visit to the whole organization and its spaces, including the facilities  that can be used by the apprentice (e.g. shared kitchen, toilets, etc.).

In more broader terms, onboarding means that from the very start of the apprenticeship, it is important that the apprentice is encouraged to establish an open relationship with their mentor as it greatly facilitates further cooperation throughout the apprenticeship. This would make the apprentice feel free to address the mentor in case of any problems, to openly discuss the apprenticeship  and to provide mutual feedback.


In this video the induction process of the apprentice into the workplace is addressed:

Mentortrain video 3.3  (duration: 3:39)


  • Prepare a concrete plan of which places, tools, facilities, etc. you have to show the apprentice on the first day and during the first week of the apprenticeship.

Additional Resources

You can find more detailed information and tips on onboarding for new employees (including apprentices) on these two webpages: