Check that the administrative tasks are done



Another important aspect before starting the apprenticeship period is documentation. The mentor, the instructor and the apprentice should check that the necessary documentation is received and completed: the apprentice’s CV,  the contract, the insurance policy, the training agreement as well as the monitoring and assessment plan.

It is also essential to review the study programme, the personal and technical competencies to be acquired as well as the different tools the apprentice may use: notebook, apps, support platform.

Finally, It is also necessary to verify the documents for controlling the degree of compliance and the registration of the skills acquisition level.


This video explains the importance of checking that all administrative tasks are done:

Mentortrain video 2.3  (duration: 3:44)


Answer the following questions:

Have you received the following documents from the training center?

  • Apprentice´s CV
  • The contract
  • The insurance policy
  • The training agreement
  • The monitoring plan
  • The assessment plan
  • The study plan

Additional Resources

In this YouTube video you can learn more about the first steps for apprenticeships: