Get the knowledge and choose the appropriate tools according to the Training plan



In this section we will explain why it is important to have knowledge about different tools that that could be implemented to ensure an effective mentoring process and workflow. As tools we define different technical and non-technical possibilities to manage your work flows. These tools may already be used in the company or could be implemented specifically for the apprenticeship.

There are a lot of different tools available to plan, follow and evaluate the mentorship and apprenticeship and it is important to choose the right ones for the apprenticeship. A good tool for mentoring must have:

  • clear visible objectives of the mentorship and apprenticeship;
  • possibility to add tasks and to follow time schedule;
  • possibility to analyse/give feedback to the apprentice and their contribution;
  • possibility to collect input from the apprentice, for example problems, what could be handled differently.
  • In conclusion, with the tool must be able to plan, to follow, to change and to evaluate the whole apprenticeship.

And remember: there is no universal tool for everybody.


This video describes the process of choosing the right tools for an effective mentoring process and apprenticeship:


Mentortrain video 1.6  (duration: 4:12)


  • Find out which tools your organization already uses, like special software, process following tools etc;
  • Work out a plan, how to integrate the tools to the apprenticeship, e.g. task management software, communication tools etc;
  • Remember that a good tool for mentoring must full-fill the following requirements, so make sure it must enable you to plan, to follow, to change, to evaluate the whole apprenticeship.

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