Examine the suitability of the company for the training activities



This section addresses the requirements for the apprenticeship, specifically in relation to areas for the examination of the company for training activities:

  • human resources and staff availability, interest and willingness to support an apprentice;
  • sufficient equipment and their adaptability/flexibility for developing an apprenticeship; and
  • contrasting the conditions required for mentorship with those existing in the company.

An apprentice may be entirely new to the workplace or taking on a new occupational area, and an apprenticeship can be a time of substantial change for an individual. It is a learning role and should take place in a supportive workplace and it is important that an apprentice has coaching support and continuous assessment of progress through constructive feedback.

The mentor is a key person for the apprentice and needs to be carefully selected. They have to focus on the elements supporting a safe environment and creating an open relationship as it greatly facilitates further cooperation with the apprentice. Mentors have to have enough previous experience in the job to be able to act as mentors. They are aware of the importance of their role in the development of the mentoring and know the company’s policy in reference to health and safety, environmental and recycling policy. Mentors also have to have interpersonal communication skills, both oral and written.


This short video explains rules and regulations arounds apprenticeships:

Mentortrain video 1.3  (duration: 2:41)


Answer these questions when deciding on the suitability of your company for an apprenticeship:

  • Do you have the human resources for it? Are you sufficiently available yourself?
  • Is there a broader interest in the company? Is there willingness in the company to support an apprentice?
  • Do you have the necessary equipment? Can your company be flexible enough and adapt for developing an apprenticeship?
  • Are you fulfilling the conditions required for mentorship with those existing in the company? • Identify 3 areas where you need a new worker
  • Write down 5 attributes which a good mentor should have and write down 5 attributes which they should not have.

Additional Resources

You can find more information on organisational analysis in relation to training in this YouTube video: