Issue a document to certify the completion of the apprenticeship



This section explains why it is important to evaluate the student at the end of the apprenticeship and to issue a document to complete it. When starting an apprenticeship, a student has certain learning objectives (also known as Learning Outcomes) they must achieve before the end of the apprenticeship. These are the things a student must know and understand at the end of their apprenticeship and are generally formulated by the student’s education centre.

All this new knowledge and skills must be evaluated and thus the evaluation process should ensure that the level and knowledge of the student fulfils the expected learning outcomes.

Different countries have different schemes of this final evaluation and in the end a student may get a formal certificate or just a grade at the end of a course. As the process is different in different cases, it is important to consult with the local authorities or educational centre that the student is coming from.



In this video the final evaluation and certification of the apprenticeship is addressed:


Mentortrain video 6.3  (duration: 3:53)


  • Contact the local educational institution that provides education in your field and find out what documentation is required to conclude an apprenticeship.
  • Ask for a copy of forms you need to fill in and see if it is all clear to you

Additional Resources

You can find some examples of final examination and certification of apprenticeships in a few European countries here: