Know about the Learning Outcomes, PBL methodology and the characteristics of the apprentice


In this section, prospective mentors will find out the importance of being informed about the learning outcomes to be achieved during the apprenticeship.

This information will be reflected in the general curricular design of the cycle which will be provided by the instructor and agreed before the apprenticeship starts.

It is also necessary to provide the mentor with the apprentice’s Curriculum Vitae in order to have general information of the profile and characteristics of the apprentice.

Mentors will also receive some basic hints on methodological aspects and the suitability of Problem Based Learning methodology for the apprenticeship.

Finally, the importance of designing and agreeing on a Monitoring Plan must  be emphasised in order to guide the apprentice and have evidence of what is going to be done and how they are going to be trained.



This video explains what is important to know about the study-plan, the PBL methodology and specific characteristics of the apprentice:


Mentortrain video 1.2  (duration: 4:43)


Draft an information card for an (prospective) apprentice containing the following information:

  • Learning outcomes to be obtained

  • Activities to carry out

  • Timing of the activities

  • Reporting of the activities

  • Assessment criteria

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