Analyse the rules and legislation around the apprenticeship.




In preparation for welcoming an apprentice to your company, it is essential that  a mentor knows the rules and regulations around the apprenticeship.  This video therefore explains further why it is important to know about both national legislation and regulations around mentorships as well as rules and guidelines from the sending institution. It especially shows what could be the most important points to look for in these requirements for mentorships.


This video explains rules and regulations arounds apprenticeships:

Mentortrain video 1.1  (duration: 5:01)


Individual task: 

Look up the legislation that applies for apprenticeships in your national context and further guidelines that exist from the sending educational institution.

Cooperation task:

Discuss the contract that your company uses for apprentices with a colleague and try to think of practical examples of potential  problems that can  occur and how they could be resolved

Additional Resources

  1. A related project, Apprentice Track, has developed a course on Apprenticeship-Management, specifically dedicated to Mentors. The course materials are complementary to the Mentortrain course and can be found here:
  2. The project ApprenticeshipQ has developed a set of quality criteria for apprenticeships which provide a good background for Mentors who like to know more about the design of high quality apprenticeships. The quality criteria can be found here: