Last April 11th, Tknika, the innovation and applied research centre of the Deputy Ministry of Vocational Education and Training of the Education Department of the Basque Government, organised their Open Days Event.

The Vocational Education and Training Deputy Minister of the Basque Government, Jorge Arévalo,  opened the event, highlighting the importance of KA2 projects and emphasizing the relevance of impact and dissemination of Erasmus projects, while Valentina Chanina from EfVET conducted a workshop on dissemination, impact and exploitation of KA2 projects under the title, “Weighing the value”.

But the main point of the event was the presentation of the more than 20 Basque Erasmus KA2 projects, a slot where Jon Artola and Rosa Benito from Don Bosco presented MentorTrain. They started the presentation explaining the main aspects of the project: The consortium, the different phases of the project, the budget and the main goals including the Mission and the Vision. Then, they focused on the presentation of the course for mentors: the structure, the different units which include the learning outputs, the assessment criteria and the planned methodology.

Finally, there was a time to get feedback from the participant teachers who shared different experiences and suggestions and agreed to express their positive assessment of the course and its usefulness, when the output is released.